Hi everyone,

Please accept my warm welcome to Best Dress Australia. Our platform was built with one priority… you.

The website boasts a wide range of features that far exceeds expectations while maintaining a simple and user friendly interface. We are constantly updating features and cosmetics behind the scenes to enhance your experience with us. We have created a secure platform (https://) because your privacy and protection are very important to us. Since our platform is secure, it enables you to not have to leave the website during payment, even if it is PayPal!

Our development team is in-house and operated by the Vzanda Designs team so that any problem will get our immediate attention. This also allows us to continue to create an beautiful experience for you.

The website can be used for selling, buying, lending, and renting designer fashion. We do not have an expiration on your listing so you may enjoy the extra cash that your garment generates.

Here are some features you may find interesting:

  • Mobile ready – we realise that most users will use our website through a mobile device, and though the best experience is based on a desktop, our mobile friendly website is as close to the desktop version as possible.
  • Listing options – We have implemented (after feedback) a credit system rather than pay as you go. This allows you to purchase either one, three, ten or 100 listings. This way, you can focus on listing items at your leisure. See our pricing for more.
  • Featured listings – Featured listings are placed in rotation on our home page and at the top of all other listings in search and the wardrobe. The cost is $15 per item.
  • Frequently Asked Questions – We have added a FAQ page to provide updated help when you need. These questions are updated frequently and we encourage you to contact us with your feedback or questions.
  • Your wardrobe – Your account will have it’s own public page, and dashboard. This way visitors can see what you have to offer, any feedback and ratings you have received, and contact details. Your dashboard allows you to control the items you have listed. Within the dashboard, you can edit your item, upgrade it to featured, mark it as sold, disable it from being rented, and delete it.
  • Compare items – That little lady figure at the top is not just for show! You can add up to three items to compare before making the final decision on what look you want.
  • Trusted Super Lenders – Becoming a Super Lender is easy and allows greater controlability of your profile and also stand out to visitors. Super Lenders have ratings and other cool features.

There are so many other features that I would love to tell you about but the list will go on forever. We do have some other interesting ideas currently in development so keep an eye out in the news section of the website.

One last thing; make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Please tag @bestdressaustralia or #bestdressaustralia to show us your styles.

We wish you an enjoyable stay on the website and we hope that you either find the style that suits, or earn some extra cash!

Kind regards,

The Best Dress family.